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From our Shadow to our Light

Did you notice it? A movement is emerging today. We can also say that it is "simply" more visible, since it has existed since the Night of Time.

I'm talking about the generative movement of course. "Of course" because it is the one I have consciously chosen after all these years of practice and research, of integrations. Or who came to me. It depends. In "conscience" yes, because such possibilities cannot go without equivalent responsibility. Again the strength of this approach is that nothing was "invented" but rather observed, modeled from people or systems that functioned differently, we would say optimal. And in an exponential dynamic, where hardships, difficulties and the presence of resilience are fundamental keys. Hence the power.

Intervening as a Coach, Consultant or Generative Facilitator implies having the clearest possible knowledge of the underlying mechanisms. By knowledge I mean beyond the cognitive and theoretical aspect the integration in our body, in our experience, and in having withdrawn the quintessence.

One of the specifics of this approach - I will speak of this way of being to oneself and to the Other - is to act also from our gray areas, our "obstacles", our difficulties. Obviously the posture, the state of mind, the way we welcome them - or not! - makes / will make all the difference.

Another equally important aspect, a parallel of which can be made with a known classical mechanical law (Isaac Newton), highlights that for each action there exists an equal and opposite reaction. We operate in the World from who we are. And every time we put an intention or act in one direction, the exact opposite manifests (ra). We can only be happy at some point if we have experienced sadness and hardship at the same level. The most beautiful smiles also hide the greatest sorrows, the greatest despair. Another metaphor? Increase the Light. You will actually increase the projected Shadow..The question, already in a personal capacity, and even more when we act professionally, is then how are we able to welcome this shadow? The opposite of what we want to create? How are we able to contain the whole? Where are we in our personal development? How are we clear with our strengths? Do we overestimate them? How far can we go? And how should we prepare to be surprised, what are we putting in place as resources for this precise moment when we will be surprised? Because we will be along the way: that’s what it is to be Human. And Lucidity and Humility are two essential companions on this path.

We therefore intervene in the World from who we are. And we awaken in us exactly what we see in the Other. It’s not new. One aspect that I find fascinating today, which in any case amazes me, is that neuroscience is starting to prove what magnificent people have anticipated many years back: gratitude to them!

Can you imagine the responsibility and the impact in our social, professional and educational relationships? If I awaken in me what I see in the other, and if I generate the exact opposite of the intention that I set, the question is well am I lucid as for these phenomena, what do I choose to see in the other, and how am I able to welcome and integrate what I am going to trigger? And even if I have the best of intentions, how do I act - react? - the day or by surprise I am confronted with a situation which strikes me in my deepest values? Where will I be destabilized? Because that too will happen. How will I welcome, integrate, transform such situations? How am I going to forgive myself for having "failed"? Beyond that, what will be their gift? No magic wand… Anticipate as much as possible by practicing as much as possible. And accept.

If we now make the parallel with our postures of coaches, consultants, facilitators, with the responsibility that we have vis-à-vis the individuals and the systems that we support, from which version of ourselves do we act?

Let’s expand to our quality of Human Being. Can we say that at every moment of our lives we act from the Best? Can we make the commitment? Or can we do otherwise once on this path? Where can we ressource us? From whom ? Where are our allies, the real ones, at each stage of our Lives? Because there again, being a Path, some companions may remain with us throughout this Path, and others not. How are we going to be with this?

Let’s not kid ourselves. The work will come from us, individually. And it is equally clear that we cannot remain alone at all times. We grow by mirror effects, one way or another. And the more we grow, the more "the other" must be demanding in unfailing benevolence, in unconditional Love. Because the more we grow, the more the stakes and the impact will be important, for us and for others. And we will also need support at times. So let's be vigilant about the environments and the people we choose.

Ready for the Journey?

Because it is indeed a magnificent Journey, the one that will ultimately take us from us to .... Us, passing by so many others ...

Elisabeth Falcone

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